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Digital scans of picture postcards sent from Stettin in Pomerania (Pommern), Germany from 1933 to the end of World War Two. This page currently contains twenty+ images. Newly scanned pictures of Stettin (now Szczecin) added on a fairly regular basis. Click on the arrow buttons to see a different image in our Stettin picture gallery

The images above are a tiny fraction of those in our Stettin picture archive. High quality unwatermarked scans of our entire collection of Third Reich era photographs of Stettin and Pomerania are available for purchase and use by historians, researchers, and publishers. Please contact us for details and prices.

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Follow the links below to view what we currently have online in our digital archive. We scan and digitize more of the images in our archive on a regular basis. Please come back soon to see more of Germany and Poland between 1933 and 1945.

Official Third Reich / Nazi Propaganda issued between 1933 and 1945

Adolf Hitler in pictures. Scans of original Adolph Hitler propaganda images

Original pictures taken during the Nazi period in Berlin, Germany

Photos of Stettin, now Szczecin, in Pomerania, Germany.

Old picture postcards of the city of Danzig 1918 - 1945

Images of everyday life in Nazi Germany: Breslau; Schwerin; Stettin, etc.

Pictures of Krakau (Poland) under Generalgouvernement 1939-1945

Photographs taken by German soldiers during the Second World War

History Test: test your knowledge of Hitler and Nazi Germany

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stettin germany
An old picture postcard of the River Oder area of Stettin, Pommern, Germany. Posted 1943.

Useful Resources for Researchers: BBC World War Two; Frankfurt Oder; Landsberg Warthe; Stettin / Szczecin

Pictures of Stettin during the Third Reich period. All images are picture postcards mailed between 1933 and 1945

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